Core Subjects:
Humanities: History and Geography
Physical Education
Mainstream Mathematics
Foundation Mathematics
Accelerated Mathematics

Elective Subjects:
LOTE: Indonesian
Visual Communication - Architecture Design 
Visual Communication - Product Design
Materials Technology
English Boost
Advanced Science
IT Web Development

Throughout Year 9, student participate in the Wednesday program. The Wednesday Program is designed to provide:
  • structures and procedures that deliver timetable flexibility and enable a strong bond to be developed between staff and students.
  • classroom organisation and teaching and learning practices that are responsive to the diverse learning.
  • social and emotional needs of young adolescents.
  • a curriculum program structure that facilitates deep engagement with learning.
  • learning opportunities that support students to engage with and provide practical support to their community.
  • opportunities for students to experience adult-like roles and responsibilities.
  • opportunities for off-campus learning experiences.
The Wednesday Program consists of 9 compulsory units, each of which is undertaken for 6 weeks. Class groups are made up of 20 students, who remain together for the whole year and rotate through the units.
  • City Project
  • Lasallian Service
  • Drug and Alcohol Awareness
  • Live Well - Be your Best
  • The Man Cave
  • Vocational Preparation
  • Journalism
  • Workplace Mathematics
  • Sustainable Living

Year 9 Wednesday Program