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Students in Year 8 participate in a program called SenseAbility Essential Life Skills. This program, developed by Beyond Blue, is aimed at building resilience in young people to help them manage
the life challenges that are an inevitable part of growing up. 

The SenseAbility program takes a strengths-based approach. Instead of focusing on negatives, it will assist students to focus on the unique characteristics and qualities they have, but are inclined to ignore or downplay.

The five workshops of the EssentialSkills module are: helpful thinking and self-talk, emotional recognition and regulation, life problem solving skills, communication, planning and time
management and keeping well.

During the program, the young men engage in Yoga, Qi Gong, Art, Boxing and Weights as practical ways for Year 8’s to learn about mindfulness. The Mindfulness program is designed to teaching boys how to return their attention again and again to what it is they are doing in the present moment.