Core Subjects:
Humanities: History and Geography
Physical Education
Introduction to Mathematical Methods
Mainstream Mathematics
Foundation Mathematics

Elective Subjects:
LOTE: Indonesian
Humanities: Law
Humanities: Economics
Visual Communication - Architecture Design
Visual Communication - Product Design
Materials Technology
Outdoor Education
Advanced Science - Physics/Chemistry
Information Technology - Game Development
Physical Education - Body Systems
Physical Education - Sports Coaching
Certificate II in Creative Industries
Certificate II in Furnishings

VET & Pathways Courses (optional)
St James College endeavours to assist all students to successfully complete their secondary education, and to make a successful transition to further education, training or employment. Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses and Pathway Programs provide students with the opportunity to commence a Certificate course or gain experience in a trade related area of interest.
St James College views optional courses as enhancements to the Year 10 curriculum. Processes have been implemented to provide the flexibility for students to complete the Year 10 curriculum as well as undertake an optional course. In most cases, a VET course undertaken in Year 10 fulfils the requirements of a VCE Unit 1&2 study.
Note: Optional Programs attract additional costs for families. For some programs, particularly VET Programs, St James College can access funding to assist in reducing the overall cost to families.


The Year 10 Program has been designed to cover both curriculum and pathway outcomes. At the end of Year 10, students transition to other colleges or institutions to complete their VCE, VET or VCAL studies, undertake apprenticeships or begin work.

To prepare them for the next phase of their lives, we provide a diverse curriculum which enables students to achieve success at their level. We have developed a pathway and transition program to address the needs of students and their families as they prepare to move on from St James College.

The program serves the dual purpose of informing the young men of the opportunities and choices which lay ahead of them as well as letting them research and prepare their own pathway and plan for their next few years. Students have the opportunity to undertake an ‘opt-in’ week of work experience to ensure they are on the right career path.

Throughout the year we focus on the personal and social development of the students. The year 10 PSE program has been designed to give them access to a number of guest speakers with diverse life experiences as well as programs to help build positive relationships and develop personal goals. We also run a year level retreat camp in Anglesea which gives students the opportunity to reflect on their choices and to focus on their past, present and future decisions. Students also participate in a drivers-ed program.