The Student Services Team supports the students of St James College, who may require additional support.

A major component of the Department is to support the students who receive funding from the Catholic Education Melbourne. At St James College the whole staff undertake Professional Development, that enhance their skills in working with students with additional learning needs.

Where a student requires a Personalised Learning Plan, specific curriculum, environmental and instructional adjustments are developed. These adjustments help to provide the best opportunity for students to access all aspects of the curriculum. The Learning Support Officers, work alongside students, to assist them to access the curriculum.

The St James Student Services Department consists of:
  • Student Services Leader.
  • Student Support Officer / School Counsellor
  • Applied Learning Co-ordinator.
  • Learning Support Officers.

  • Catch Up Club. In the Library after school on a Tuesday.
  • SPAT – Senior Pathway and Transition.
  • Pathways Support. Exploring Education beyond St James College.
  • Program Support Group Meetings.
  • “I Can Network” Run by Chris Varney to support students on the Autism Spectrum.

The goal of the Student Services Department is to follow the Mission of St James College. With the continued partnership between St James College and home, the Team addresses the individual needs of students and encourages them to work to the best of their ability.