Welcome to the vibrant world of Mathematics at St James College!

Over the course of four years from Years 7 to 10, our young men are engaged in a comprehensive sequence comprising the Mathematical areas of:
  • Number and Algebra
  • Measurement and Geometry
  • Statistics and Probability
  • Problem Solving & Reasoning
  • Fluency and Understanding

More able students are identified in year seven and year eight, and are challenged to extend their knowledge in the various mathematical areas through out Accelerated Maths Program. The program aims to extend high achieving students and prepare them for advanced studies in years nine and ten of Accelerated Mathematics and Introduction to VCE Mathematical Methods. Our courses are supported with Educational Software such as Mathletics, Manga-high, and Maths Pathways.

Students are encouraged to participate in many mathematical activities and competitions including:

  • Westpac Mathematics Competition
  • Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge & Algorithmic Work
  • Mathematics World ‘hands-on’ Practical Activities
  • Mathematics Ambassador Guest Speaker presentations
  • Mathletes Afterschool Club
  • Wednesday Program Workplace Mathematics
  • The Mathematics 24 Tournament
  • QR Code Problem Solving Activities
  • Pi Day
  • SJC Maths Week – Puzzles and activities/excursions