The St James College library is a vibrant heart beat at the centre of school life. In our welcoming learning centre we endeavour to provide an environment which supports independent learning and research while also assisting students in developing an interest and competency in reading. 

The library affords students and staff an alternate learning environment to their classrooms. Being an iPad school our wireless connectivity ensures that all students have equal access to electronic information. Whole classes can be accommodated here along with individuals who are best served by the support of the library staff.

Our library hosts many student-driven events which encourage the critical and creative thinking of the initiators. We actively promote engagement in learning through enjoyment and discovery. Our student library leaders are outstanding. They are involved in daily library running tasks, resource selection, transition of new students, creation and development of events and library promotion.

The librarians provide, in collaboration with the English Learning Area, two reading programs: Morning Reading program and Game of Words.

Morning Reading occurs in all homerooms twice a week. The school community are encouraged to read widely from a variety of genres.

Game of Words is a reading challenge which involves the entire Year 7 student body. Word totals are calculated from completed books. The challenge runs for a term with the victors gaining possession of the coveted throne of words.

The St James College library is available to all students before school, after school and at recess and lunchtimes. Mathematics tutoring and homework support groups run in the library two afternoons a week.

Our library is constantly in a state of engagement whether buzzing with activity or hushed by deep concentration. The perfect environment for learning.