To discover; To learn; To question; To open one’s mind;
To think to research To explore;
To ponder; To wonder; To imagine the past;
To see the present and anticipate the future!
To look back at the past;
Analyse the laws and economies of today;
And to endeavour to understand the world itself…….
This is the study of HUMANITIES!

During the course of four years from Years 7 to 10, our young men are presented with many and varied challenges through their studies in Humanities: History; Geography; Commerce and Economics, Civics and Citizenship and Legal Studies.

Themes covered include:
  • The Ancient World and Early Civilizations
  • Middle Ages and Early Exploration
  • The Making of the Modern World
  • The Modern World and Australia
  • Water in the World
  • Place and Liveability
  • Landforms and Landscapes
  • Interconnectiveness through Tourism
  • Biomes and Food Security
  • Wellbeing and World Poverty
Students have had the opportunity to further enhance both their understanding of knowledge and skills by participating in many activities and excursions:
  • Medieval Day 
  • Visit to Dandenong Magistrates Court
  • Moorabbin Justice Centre and Moorabbin Police Station. 
  • Fieldwork at Mordialloc Beach
  • Chinese Museum
  • Holocaust Centre
  • Guest Speakers 
  • Shrine of Remembrance and the privilege to take part in both the Centenary Commemorative Ceremony of World War I and Legacy’s 80th ANZAC Commemorative Ceremony.