Year 9 Camp

Year 9 Camp was an amazing experience for everybody.

We had lots of fun and challenging activities including Surfing, Canoeing, Mountain Biking and a High Ropes Course. There was plenty of free time to play games of tennis, volleyball, soccer or basketball. Others amused themselves indoors with a range of quieter games or simply welcomed the opportunity for a chat sitting around the trampolines.

We also did leadership and teamwork activities in the evening, starting our journey towards Leadership for 2017. We shared our top five strengths based on a survey conducted prior to camp.

The teachers gave up their time to watch and be with us which we are very grateful for. My favourite activity was Mountain Biking, which was fun, tiring and muddy!

Everybody had a great time and we wish we could do it again!

Ned Callander
9 La Salle

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