Year 8 Retreats

During weeks 7 & 8 of Term 1, the students of Year 8 participated in their retreat day which focused on the topic of 'Role Models'. The program runs with the purpose of allowing the students to take time away from their usual activities and spend time reflecting on and exploring how those they admire play a role in their development. The young men explored the idea in a number of ways, recognising role models in our local and wider communities.

With the help of Year 10 student leaders, the program also aimed to encourage the Year 8's to develop positive relationships with the people in their class. There was a strong focus on encouraging the boys to show respect towards one another, and to appreciate the individuality of each of their classmates.

The students responded very well to the retreat day and we hope that the program will assist them in their personal development and their progression through the school. We'd like to thank the Year 10 students for their exemplary leadership and willingness to contribute.

Patrick Hurst
Lasallian Youth Leader

On Friday 17th March, 8 Benilde had their retreat day. Mr Hurst was the organiser for the day with some Year 10s who helped out.

Our theme was role models. We discussed role models, what they do and how they influence us. We looked at many role models including Gary Ablett, James Jones, Malala and others. We also had a look at bad role models like Allen Iverson and Adolf Hitler.

During the day we played a few games like jockeys up, ninja and a song trivia.

Year 8 Benilde

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