Year 8 PSE - Cooking with Ms O'Neill

Every second week the Year 8s participate in a resilience program at St James College called SenseAbility – Essential Life Skills.

8 La Salle are doing cooking this round of the program with Year 8 teacher and coordinator Ms Dee O’Neil.

The first week 8 La Salle made scrambled eggs on toast and all the students were really excited and happy because they looked so good and tasted really good. The next week we made Rolls with meat and salad everyone got to make their own roll with their own meat and salad they tasted great. The next lesson we used Mr Woods scone recipe we enjoyed them so much that we even added some cream and jam. Last week 8 La Salle made hamburgers which were so good that I made them at home the next day for my family. When we made the scrambled eggs, rolls, scones and hamburgers we were very happy especially when we got to eat them at the end of the class.

Year 8 PSE has been really enjoyable this year I can't wait till next term.

Nicolas T and Daniel J
Year 8 LaSalle

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