Year 8 Physical Education

Strength, Flexibility and Functional Training Unit

All Year 8 Physical Education classes have been lucky enough to undertake Strength, Flexibility and Functional training by expert trainer Cam Rigby, from Core Advantage, an elite sports training facility in Oakleigh South.

The aim of this program is to educate the young men on moving their bodies correctly, with ultimate focus on flexibility, running motion and jumping technique.

With detailed and focussed training in this area, our students will gain the basic knowledge to move in a more efficient and effective fashion, whether it be on the sporting field or in their own private exercise regime.

The classes this week are based at St James College, with their next lesson being undertaken at the Core Advantage facility in Oakleigh South.

When at the Core Advantage training facility, the students will have their running motion videotaped, assessed, then corrected for future reference, using the latest in Sport Science technology.

The Physical Education department looks forward to a long lasting relationship with the trainers from Core Advantage, as we see it as a very beneficial addition to the overall Physical Education of our young men.

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