Year 8 Camp

On Wednesday 11th October, the Year 8s went on camp to Forest Edge. It was a long trip, but when we arrived at the camp, we met an instructor named John who introduced us to the camp. After we all got our rooms allocated and we unpacked, we started activities.

Over the course of three days, we participated in eight activities: archery, mountain boarding, bush walking, high ropes, flying fox, rock climbing, indoor hockey and hut building. These activities were exciting, and many of us had never tried them before. One of my favourite activities was mountain boarding, where we had to get on a large skateboard which had leg holders and a brake, then put on protective gear and skate down a hill. It was very exhilarating! Another enjoyable activity we took part in was hut building. For this activity, we were sent into the forest and we were provided with lots of sticks. Our goal, as a group, was to build the best hut compared to that of another group. At the end, the teacher got a bucket of water and splashed it on our huts while we were all inside, and if our hut was good enough, we would not get wet!

On the first night, we took part in some small activities, in competition with other activity groups. Afterwards, we watched a movie and then we went to bed, ending our first day at camp.

On the second day, we did some more of the camp activities, which were just as enjoyable as the first day. After dinner on the second evening of camp, the whole year level, and teachers went for a night walk. First, we ascended up a hill, where we encountered some kangaroos looking after their young ones, so we decided to take a detour up another hill. When we arrived back to camp, we watched another film, had supper and went to bed.

The final morning of camp involved a variety of different sports, followed by a delicious lunch, before heading back to school.

Overall, camp was a really enjoyable experience and I think that we all had a great time!

Mark A
Year 8 Benilde

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