Year 7 News

Looking back at the past few months, I can't believe how amazing they've been!

Everything has gone so quickly that it has all become a blur. There have been a few glorious moments like making so many new friends on the first day. I could barely remember them all. I was very excited to come back the next day, and every day after that. Since that day, I have had many exciting adventures which include SIS Sport, Camp Manyung, Homeroom Soccer and lots and lots of tests.
Camp Manyung was probably the best camp ever! We all shared our lollies and the activities were super fun. My favourite was the giant swing. It was pretty scary as you were being pulled up to the top, but when you let go, the feeling of elation was amazing. It was my first time doing it but I had two shots and went to the top both times. It was amazing! I also really enjoyed the food on camp.

Another thing the Year 7s have participated in is SIS Sport. It was good to see that a majority of the students tried out for a sport. Some people also made the cross country team. I made the table tennis team and I have loved every game. It is nice to meet people from other schools and also to continue to bond with classmates.

One successful activity that all the Year 7s participated in was the Inter-homeroom soccer tournament. Each homeroom played all of the others in a six-a-side futsal tournament. Everyone enjoyed playing some lunchtimes.

Overall this has been a great first semester and I can't wait to come back next semester.

Year 7 La Salle

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