Year 7 First Day

As we woke up that Tuesday morning, we were CRAZY about starting secondary school at St James college. We all arrived nicely dressed and groomed in our uniforms, we couldn't wait to start the day. We went into our home rooms ready for further instructions. We all sorted out our spots, our materials, all the requirements for the year ahead and most of all, given our very own diaries and locks, just for us!

After all this we were ready for our first very own high school recess break, where we explored and gathered together to hang out and settle into playing around the school...

Ding Ding! And the first break was over in a blink of an eye! Which now meant we had to go and line up in home rooms.

During midday we talked about the holidays and what we did, where we went, why did we go there and what it was like. We talked about the most interesting things that occurred during the holidays. After that, it was lunch. Everyone broke off to play.

After lunch, we spent a bit of time doing some fun activities such as playing games. The objectives of the game was: to tap the correct answer as quick as possible and the winner would receive a soccer ball from Mr Nats who loves soccer!

During the last period of the day, we spent time setting up our iPad's. We loaded and sorted our apps, made log-ins for our email accounts for the day to day use of learning programs and settings to maintain our iPads and keep them up to date with messages throughout the year...

The bell has gone off for packing up time.

We all scurry to our bags to sought through our belongings, racing through everything with joy and momentum because we were so excited but sad that the day has ended.

We are all ready to go, we say our 'Good afternoon' in our synchronised manner, signalling our goodbyes.

We went home to get ready for the day ahead with the rest of the school, today was just for us year 7s.

'See you tomorrow St. James'

Dylan and Steven
Year 7

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