Year 10 News

The boys have been busy this term finalising their subject selections and pathway choices for next year. It is hard to believe, but in a couple of months they will begin their transition programs for Year 11. It is an exciting and challenging time for the young men. They are beginning to realise the end is almost here. As they prepare for their VCE and VCAL studies it is important they continue to work hard and build upon the work practices we have tried to instil in them this year.

By this stage of the year they should be aiming to complete at least two hours a night of homework, revision or study. While it is important they maintain a healthy balance in their lives between their academic, sporting and social activities, it is imperative they continue to work well at both school and at home. They are responsible for being up to date with their classwork, homework, and their assignments.

The South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault (SECASA) returned with the follow-up session of their Respectful Relationships program. The presentations focussed on case studies and the laws surrounding texting, sexting, and consent. These are important sessions for the boys because they reinforce how to build and maintain respectful relationships. In the final week of this term, Sonya Karras will present her ‘Party Safe’ workshop to the year level. The young men have reached a point where their social lives are fairly active and we want to ensure they know how to look after their mates and stay safe while they are out and about.

Year 10 Maths Cooking

Mr Shepherd’s Foundation Maths class have been developing their personal and mathematics skills in the kitchen this term. They have been budgeting, planning, preparing and cooking a number of recipes. They were a little tentative while finding their way around the kitchen, worrying about mucking up the recipe and then grappling with the all-important ‘clean up after yourself’ program, but their confidence has grown.

The boys started with a vanilla and choc chip muffin recipe, which was savoured by all the students (and a few teachers). They were given the opportunity to branch out and research their own recipes to cook. Every fortnight they have been cooking and feasting on some awesome meals. They have hand-made pizza and pasta from scratch, chicken and beef burgers, Nutella brownies and Wagon Wheel slice.

It has been a rewarding experience to see their confidence and abilities improve in the kitchen this term. We are planning a major project for next term. They will have to plan, budget, advertise, promote, shop, cook and sell to the whole year level. It will be a rewarding challenge which they are up for!

A special thanks to Ms Bates, Ms Atwell and Ms Karakatsanis for their help, support and assistance with the boys in the kitchen.

Justin Shepherd
Year 10 Coordinator

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