Year 10 Leadership Day

As an introduction to leadership at St James College, the school leaders and homeroom mentors for 2017 were invited into school in late January to discuss the year ahead. The seminar sought to prepare the young men for the opportunities and demands that came with leadership, as well as to inspire them to make the most of what is sure to be a rewarding year.

A major focus of the program was to allow the student leaders to spend time together outside of the classroom setting. With much of their role demanding a positive and constructive team dynamic, the students engaged in activities that allowed them to shed greater light on who they are, why they’ve come into leadership and how their own skills and talents may enrich the leadership team as a whole.

The students were also given some more practical tasks to explore the potential challenges and opportunities that would arise over the course of the year. The young men spent time brainstorming how they could make an impact on other students and ensure a positive culture around the school. Many of their ideas revolved around greater contact between senior students and the junior school. To prepare them for the challenges inherent in any team-orientated role, the young men were given potential scenarios to work through and then asked to present some possible solutions.

The students all participated extremely well and are to be commended on their engagement with the various activities. The diversity, motivation and excitement of the leadership group was obvious, and will be great strengths for the team throughout the year. The staff are looking forward to working with the leaders in 2017.

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