Year 10 Law

On the 27th April, the Year 10 Law class took part in an excursion to the Dandenong Magistrates Court. This excursion followed the topic studied in Term 1 being Civil and Criminal Law. We arrived at the Magistrates Court at 9:30am to await a rather thorough security check.

Once we entered the building we observed the large amount of people each with their different cases. Personally, it was quite confronting walking down the centre of the waiting room, seeing people under the influence of drugs, and some who have been allegedly named as criminals.

As a group, we all entered the drug court, as this is what the Dandenong Magistrates Court is renowned for. Upon entrance, we bowed, recognising the Magistrate, then took a seat as we witnessed the variety of cases.

The first case was based on a man who had been caught driving without a licence. However, the evidence provided was deemed satisfying by the magistrate, allowing him free use of a motor vehicle again. Then we witnessed a man in custody who didn't want his drug order to be cancelled.

After a short break, we listened to a case in which a 40 year old man had been allegedly accused of trespass, burglary, attempted burglary, speeding, driving unlicensed and with possession of drugs. However, he ultimately received a second chance as the Magistrate decided to put him under a drug management program.

Overall, this excursion was an eye opening experience for the entire class, as we got to experience what actually occurs in the courts. We realised that there isn't a so called 'perfect' world, and that many people are much worse off than we are. It was also extremely exciting to witness a real life case, as it was a new experience for the class.

So on behalf of the Year 10 Law Class I would like to thank Ms Karakatsanis who organised the excursion, and Mr Donlen who drove the class to and from the Dandenong Magistrates Court.

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