Year 10 Indonesian

n Thursday 20th April, students from the year 10 Indonesian class attended the Indonesian film festival screening of the film Sokola Rimba at ACMI in Federation Square.

Sokola Rimba is a film adaptation of Butet Manurung’s autobiographical account of working with the Orang Rimba people to provide education and build literacy. In Sokola Rimba, Butet (Prisia Nasution) is a teacher working for a conservation foundation and has the role of educating young people in the jungle community located in the upstream conservation area. After being rescued by a boy from a remote downstream community, Butet is determined to extend the reach of her school to give the jungle people the knowledge necessary for navigating the complex landscape of present-day Indonesia. In the process, she learns more about the traditional skills and way of life of the Orang Rimba people as well as the sustainable practices established through their profound and respectful connection with their environment.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the film and its story line, as well as the beautiful cinematography showcasing the lush Sumatran jungle. We were then able to enjoy a meal together at Nelayan Indonesian cafe on Swanson street, sampling foods like Beef Rendang and Ayam Goreng.

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