Werribee Zoo

The Year Seven excursion to Werribee Open Range Zoo coincides with the Ecosystems topic the students are studying at school.

Focusing on the interactions between organisms, students were able to see first-hand the different animals in their natural habitats.

Werribee Zoo demonstrates an ecosystem similar to Africa, an experience the students may never get to experience in their lives.

Phillip Thomas
Science Domain Leader

During our trip to Werribee Zoo (our science excursion), we had lots of interesting and new encounters with animals.

We started with a fun Eastern Bandicoot workshop, which was with a zoo instructor. Then she took us to see the newly born lion cubs, who had been on display for just 2 days! When that had finished she took us to a closed of section of the Victorian grasslands where we learnt about food webs and the aborigines who had lived there and how they lived. She also got us to eat a wild plant which the aborigines ate for food.

Afterwards our homeroom went on safari trip of the African Savannah. Then when that finished we got to explore the zoo by ourselves.

Rèmi and Ben

Year 7 Miguel

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