The Bean Machine

For the Year 9 Wednesday Program, Group 5 was fortunate enough to participate in the new program 'The Apprentice'. This program was run by Ms Vicky Gelberidis and Mr Billy Natsioulas. The program took place in the new Arts Centre, which has both a kitchen area and a café area. The objective of the program was to run a successful café business for a day by ourselves. We were split up into 5 groups where we had different roles such as CEO, CFO and Barista. Leading up to the day of business we were taught how to make coffee by baristas, we travelled to a café to meet a real café owner and we learnt about food preparation and handling. We decided that our café name would be 'The Bean Machine' with the slogan 'Every bean tells a story'.

Last week we had our day of business where we opened up to a Year 10 class and all the teachers. On the day we sold food and drinks such as coffee, tea, sandwiches, croissants and cupcakes. We had a very successful day of business as we all worked well together in our assigned roles. Following our day of business 'The Bean Machine' earned $185.

We were very lucky to be the first group to participate in this program and it was a great and enjoyable experience for everyone in Group 5.

9 Solomon

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