Thanksgiving Mass

On Thursday 7th December, the Years 7, 8, and 9 young men and staff of St James College celebrated the annual Mass of Thanksgiving, for all the blessings of 2017.

This mass was celebrated in St Peter’s Church, with Fr Michael Sierakowski. This occasion provided another opportunity to celebrate with the local parish community.

Many of our young men, especially the 2018 College Leaders were involved in different aspects of the Mass. It was pleasing to note the presence of a significant number of parents who had taken the time to join the celebration.

Congratulations, to the young men listed below, for their achievements throughout 2017.

Glen Eira Student Achievement Award
Year 7 Timothy Mallidis
Year 8 Mark Attia
Year 9 Jeremy Barbeau

2017 Subject Awards

Year 7

George Aliss
Year 7 Mathematics AMPED

Lewis Desmond
Year 7 English
Year 7 Indonesian
Year 7 Performance Art
Year 7 Science
Year 7 Humanities

Kevin Chen
Year 7 Engineering & Design

Adrian Dolgov
Year 7 Religious Education
Year 7 Engineering & Design

Blake Dunkley
Year 7 Engineering & Design

Dylan Kotsinadelis
Year 7 Design & Technology

Tim Mallidis
Year 7 Visual Art

Aidan Wallace
Year 7 Mathematics

Josh Dudley
Year 7 Physical Education

Jack Phillips
Year 7 Design & Technology

Year 8

Brian Duong
Year 8 Design & Technology

Ty Hewett
Year 8 Mathematics

Leo Nguyen
Year 8 Visual Art

Maxwell Fernandez
Year 8 Religious Education
Year 8 English
Year 8 Mathematics AMPED
Year 8 Humanities
Year 8 Indonesian

James Vakis
Year 8 Science
Year 8 Physical Education

Christian Andreou
Year 8 Engineering & Design

John Morgan
Year 8 Performance Art

Year 9

Jeremy Barbeau
Year 9 Drama

Christopher Lautenbach
Year 9 Digitech Web Development

Josh White
Year 9 English Boost

Ross Barlas
Year 9 Physical Education

Ben Bartley
Year 9 Digitech Web Development

Daniel Kurek
Year 9 Religious Education

Coen Pasitchnyj
Year 9 Advanced Science
Year 9 Indonesian

Alexander Saccotelli
Year 9 English
Year 9 Science
Year 9 Visual Communication Architecture Design

Daryl Tek
Year 9 Literature

Lukas Kintidis
Year 9 Foundation Mathematics

Sean L'Huillier
Year 9 Media

Keith Menezes
Year 9 Accelerated Mathematics
Year 9 Humanities

Daniel Restaino
Year 9 Music

Blair Smith
Year 9 Art

Johnson Kruy
Year 9 Mathematics
Year 9 Visual Communication Design

Peter Shen
Year 9 Materials Technology

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