Sustainable Living

Sustainable Living is one of the rotations we go through in the Year 9 Wednesday Program. I had the pleasure of participating in Sustainable Living in our first rotation of six weeks. During Sustainable Living we learnt about recycling, sustainable alternatives, as well as greenhouse gases and how we can prevent pollution.

For the first few lessons we watched some videos about sustainability and answered questions on
them, to get our knowledge up to scratch on the subject. We also did some worksheets and talked
a lot about aboriginals and how they used the land before Britain colonised Australia.

We were given a project in which we had to pitch an idea to improve sustainability in our community. I partnered up with Zachary, and we proposed that every public toilet should have a water tank next to it to collect rainwater that was used for flushing the toilet. Our reasoning was that you don't need clean drinking water to flush the toilet, because it's going to become dirty and unusable anyway, so why not just use rainwater to flush the toilets. We had to build a small model of our idea and make a presentation to the class.

Nearing the end of Sustainable Living we took a trip down the road to Karkarook park, where we
had to do some research. We needed to take notes on all of the different species of plants we
could see, as well as the different animals. We also had to take a water sample from the lake and
measure the pH level of it using a universal indicator, to determine how much the lake had been affected by pollution, which turned out to be not very much, and to properly determine the pollution levels we would have needed to take a much more precise measurement with proper equipment.

Overall, Sustainable Living was quite fun and I learnt quite a bit about the environment and how we can preserve it for future generations.

Year 9 La Salle

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