St Yon Crew

The St Yon Crew is our Year 7-9 Social Justice Group which meets regularly to plan and then to help out in areas of the local community that require some assistance.

This semester the St Yon Crew has been very busy with projects such as scout hall clean-ups, providing music for the elderly, and running school BBQ’s to raise money for the Lasallian Foundation.

The St Yon Crew also provides the opportunity for our young men to become a fully-fledged badged member of the Crew for the rest of their time at St James. To become a badged member, all the boys need to do is to complete at least ten hours of voluntary work in their own time.

At our recent whole school assembly, Tim from 7 La Salle was presented with his Lasallian Badge. Tim has completed over ten hours of voluntary work assisting with many duties and tasks for his extended family over the past few months.

Congratulations Tim.

Mr Martin Callanan
Religious Education Coordinator

Scout Hall Clean Up

On the 31st May, the St Yon Crew pulled up our sleeves and helped clean the East Bentleigh Scout Hall in Bignell Road.

With the support of Mr Hurst, Mr Callanan and Mr Vlamakis, we were able to mop, sweep, wash, wipe, clear, scrub, and broom all the dirt and dust away. What seems to many teenagers a stupid and disgusting job, the St Yon Crew thought it was a positive way of following in the footsteps of the De La Salle Brothers.

It felt good to volunteer and support our community. We made this scrubby job an enjoyable opportunity to connect with the path of the Lasallians.

James V
Year 8 La Salle

Warrawee Music Performance

On Tuesday afternoon, 6th June, four young men from St James College gave up their time after school to perform for the residents of Warrawee Aged Care in Centre Road Bentleigh East.

Oliver Year 7, Rad Year 8, Per and Lachlan Year 10 headed up to Warrawee with a guitar, some bongo drums and their own talent. A piano was provided by the venue and the four young men presented a series of musical items for the elderly residents of Warrawee. The songs performed ranged from “The Entertainer” to the Johnny Cash classic, “Hurt” with a few classical piano pieces in between.

Mr Brendan Egan, the managing Director at Warrawee, expressed his thanks for this “pop up concert” and he said that the residents “really enjoyed the musical presentations”.

My thanks to Oliver, Rad, Per and Lachlan, not only for their great talent, but also for their willingness to give up their time and to share their talents with others.

Mr Martin Callanan
Religious Education Coordinator

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