Sorrento '51

The one thing we are very proud of in the Drama Department at St James College is the fact that our productions are authentically student centred, thus the staging of ‘Sorrento ‘51’ is a fitting opener for the brand new Studio Theatre. An original play is an amazing learning experience for all involved and allows the creative process a freedom to explore and develop ideas that reinforce the narrative. A student written play is even more exciting, especially when the writer is co-directing, as fresh ideas and concepts are bountiful and the learning experience is intensified.

‘Sorrento ‘51’ is a murder mystery akin to an Agatha Christie novel and we have explored the genre of Film Noir and the work of Alfred Hitchcock in the development of the design you see on stage. The use of silence, stillness and shadows is hard to translate to the stage, however I applaud the cast for their ability to continue the flow of the narrative by communicating through body language alone.

To the cast and crew, thank-you for being such an integral and affirming part of the creative process and to our inaugural student creative team, I am eternally grateful for the positive spirit with which you have engaged with the task at hand. I’d also like to offer thanks to Claire Wearne and the team of teachers working in the Arts Faculty at Mentone Girls Grammar, your assistance and support was unfathomable and greatly appreciated. And finally, thanks must go to the staff and leadership team of St James College for not only allowing us to create tonight’s performance but for providing such an amazing venue for us to work in. The future of the Arts Faculty looks to be bright and creative.

Tim Ryan
Production Director

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