SIS Theatre Sports

On the 19th July, Cooper, Fearnley, Matthew, Nathan and I travelled to John Paul College to compete in the Senior Theatre Sports Competition. It was hosted by Impro Melbourne and our hosts were Patrick and Tim.

The Junior and Senior St James teams were split up and sent to different rooms to compete. The games that the senior teams played were commercial, reducing scene and type writer, and in the finals the seniors played slow motion commentary and gibberish interpreter.

In the finals the senior team played against Cornish College and won by a slim margin of two points. While they were rivals in the finals, Cornish and St James still kept a friendly atmosphere and assisted each other when needed in their scenes.

The Juniors also did very well in their league. It was their first time competing in the competition and only had 4 lunchtimes of practice, they did extremely well and were only 6 points away from competing in the finals.

We are all very proud of the Junior team for making it to 8th place on the leaderboards.

We would also like to thank Mr Ryan for taking us there and giving us great feedback and improving our scenes.

The senior team will now compete in the Impro Melbourne Secondary Schools challenge in the coming weeks.

Year 10 Student

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