Science Week

Science week this year was highlighted by a big attendance of young scientists in the library at lunch time to see a video of the dissection of an elephant. This was a big undertaking and was of big interest to our young scientists.

The open laboratory session was also well attended and there was great interest and importantly scientific understanding of a range of laboratory demonstrations.
Finally the ever popular Science Beat the Buzzer Quiz was a great success due to the mighty efforts of Maree and Allan Pennant and Maryanne O’Connor.

Thank you to everyone for a great week of fun.
Robert McClelland

Science Learning Area Leader

Year 8 Rube Goldberg Machines

Tony, Anthony and myself wanted to come up with a machine which involved different types of energy.

We met up at my house and worked out a plan on how to construct our machine and what materials we needed. When we got to class the clock was already against us but we worked hard to build our machine.

We just finished with about three minutes to go and Mr Maby got ready to record our machine in action as he did with every groups machine. Unfortunately, with the time constraints our machine was a bit wonky and definitely needed some more work, but we had no other choice but to start the machine.

Even though our machine didn't work as we had planned we still had fun building it. We also learned about the different types of energy and how they worked. It was a work task that I really enjoyed.

Tony and Anthony
Year 8 La Salle

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