Salvation Army

On Wednesday 18th October, we had a chance to go the Salvation Army in the city and learn about homelessness and homeless people.

We met on the steps of Parliament House at 9.00am and while we were waiting, we saw the Premier, Mr Andrews, giving a press conference . We walked down to The Salvation Army’s establishment in Bourke Street. Here, we met a kind, smart lady named Lauren. She taught us about what it meant to be homeless and how people become homeless. She also gave us many statistics to show us how big of a problem this has become. We learned about many of the factors that contribute to homelessness, especially after doing an activity called “but why?”. After this, we went on a scenic walking tour of our city and she shared with us many unique and fascinating stories about homeless people and their issues. She took us to see popular sleeping spots for homeless people and told us how the Salvation Army helps these unfortunate people out.

We then had an hour for lunch. After lunch we walked to St. Patrick’s Cathedral where we prayed together and then talked about our experiences as part of Lasallian Service. It was a good day!

Bora and Pat
Year 9 Solomon

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