Reach Foundation Heroes Day

On the 14th September, all of the year 9 students participated in a workshop program ran by the Reach Foundation at the Dream Factory in Collingwood.

These worshops are for anyone aged from 10 to 18 and are led by young people that have experienced the same things that we're going through. Reach creates a space where you can talk honestly about what's going on with your life, your fears and your dreams without being judged and with other people that understand what you're going through.

St James wasn’t the only school that were involved in this wonderful experience. Throughout the course of the day we went into a hall and discussed personal questions and issues. This gave us the chance to understand how others are feeling and also to express our feelings to others. We were also encouraged to ‘slay our dragon’. This meant that we had to put ourselves out of our comfort zone and participate in challenges that we wouldn't usually do in front of an audience.

On the day we were fortunate enough to be rewarded with a KFC lunch as they sponsored the event. We all enjoyed our meal with a nice refreshing drink.

Overall this experience was very eye opening and taught us to face our fears and put ourselves out there. It taught us a lot about others our age and what they have been experiencing in their life.

Year 9 Solomon

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