Public Speaking

On Monday 5th June, four St James College students participated in the DAV Public Speaking Competition. We were speaking against girls from Sacred Heart College.

We spoke on the topics of Real-life Superheroes, Learning from History and Humanity's next Adventure. Our students spoke with confidence and proudly represented St James College. Oliver persuaded the audience that it is the emergency services who are the Real Life Superheroes. Maceo and Jarrod explained how we have and haven't learnt lessons from History and I spoke on technology being Humanity's next Adventure.

In a tight contest, the St James boys spoke passionately and gave their best. Each person had to speak three times giving a prepared speech and two impromptu speeches.

I would like to thank Ms Stefaniw for giving us the opportunity and Sacred Heart College students for being our competition.

Year 8 La Salle

Congratulations to all students who participated in the DAV Junior Public Speaking competition!

Fergus has successfully progressed to the semi-final to be held in term 3

Maryanne Stefaniw
Debating Coordinator

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