Opening School Mass 2017

On Friday 17 February, the whole school gathered in the Br Joseph Gabel Hall to celebrate our Opening School Mass for 2017.

A highlight of the mass was the entrance and welcoming of the Year 7 students for 2017. As part of this special welcome, each of the four Homerooms, along with their homeroom teacher, was introduced to the assembled gathering.

Following this presentation, we commenced our Opening School Mass, which was once again celebrated by Father Michael Sierakowski. During mass, the Student Representative Councillors, Sport Captains and Arts Captains badges were blessed and then presented to the newly elected SRC Reps from Years 8 & 9 and Captains. At the conclusion of mass, the academic excellence and achievement of St James College students for Semester Two 2016 was also acknowledged.

During mass, Father Michael welcomed especially the Year 7 students and other students and staff members. In his homily, Father then reflected on the words of Matthew’s Gospel in which Jesus challenges us all by asking us to “love our enemies”. Father Michael made particular reference to our College theme for 2017 “Love God and Work Together” (Rm 8:28). It is, as Father reminded us, an entirely appropriate theme for our school as it encompasses the very essence of our own faith. The challenge was put to us to live out this theme in our own lives and ask ourselves how we can work together at St James College as we live out our college motto of “Unity in Christ”.

Guests who joined us for the Opening School Mass included the families of these young men who were being recognised during the liturgy. We were also very happy to welcome De La Salle brothers from the Malvern and Mentone communities to our celebration.

Martin Callanan
Religious Education Coordinator

Unity In Christ Award

Each year the Parents and Friends Association
awards the St James College “Unity In Christ”
Award to a Year 7, 8 and 9 student who have been
selected by the staff of St James College, based on the following criteria:
The young man must display patience, good will towards and acceptance of others, tolerance and forbearance in their dealings with others;
The young man must be open, honest and aware of cultural differences;
The young man must be inclusive and promote “Unity In Christ” in all aspects of his school life;
The young man must show understanding of the community and empathy with others;
The young man must try and strive for his very best and not be discouraged.
In short the young man must be an inspiration to his peers.
These students were presented with their awards at the opening mass. We are pleased to announce that the 2016 Unity in Christ award winners are:

Year 7 2016 Fergus Callander
Year 8 2016 Ross Barlas
Year 9 2016 Jack Johnston

Academic Achievement Semester 2 2016

Year 7 2016
Robert Bettoni
Tom Claringbould
Dominic Hart
Ty Hewett
Maceo Jones
Joshua Nandan
Richard Ovakimyan
Richard Quan
Rad Valance
Jarrod Watson

Year 8 2016
Ross Barlas
Ryan Hammond
Shane HO
Zachary Hoult
Phalrunbora Ith
Patrick Lukies
Keith Menezes
Anthony Nguyen
Alexander Saccotelli
Patrick Turco

Year 9 2016
Michael Anagnostopoulos
Nicholas Aparo
Kieran Christou
Cade Dorrofield
William Doumanis
Rimo Khodr
Kayleb Klopfer
Per Ohlson
Daniel Perez
Trifon Stenos

Academic Effort Semester 2 2016

Year 7 2016
Joshua Beaufort
Kieran Halloran
Uday Jaswal
Liam Johnston
Campbell Keiley
John Maglaras
Himilay Parekh
Thani Phan
Patrick McNally

Year 8 2016
Ben Bartley
Nicholas Boloutis
Patrick Dolenzo
Harrison McKenna
Benjamin Meo
Marc Restaino
Daniel Restaino
Blair Smith

Year 9 2016
Michael Azzolini
Flynn Hams
Jack Johnston
Cliff Kristiano
Daniel Mullin
Jake Pyrczak
Cherwyn Rodrigues
Rami Saab

SRC 2017

Year 8 Benilde - Aiden Soria
Year 8 La Salle - Charlie Power
Year 8 Miguel - Joshua Beaufort
Year 8 Solomon - John Morgan
Year 9 Benilde - Zachary Hoult
Year 9 La Salle - Patrick Griffith
Year 9 Miguel - James Rath
Year 9 Solomon - Patrick McNally

Art Captains 2017

Cliff Kristianto
Micheal Marzin
Lachlan Mindum
Rami Saab
James Tarpey
Ari Tsoulaskos

Sport Captains 2017

Dylan Baxter
Costa Manaveris
William Doumanis
Campbell James

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