Old Boys Achievement

International Youth Silent Film Festival 2016

Ex St James College students Jordan Nandan, Julian Petrone, Joshua Bell & Anthony Bougioukos did some pretty spectacular stuff in Year 9 and 10 Media. This year they’ve taken their cinematic skills even further, winning the 2016 International Youth Silent Film Festival.

They won overall, but also took first in three of the four sub-categories:
  • Story
  • Cinematography
  • Directing

Working by themselves, without the resources of their school, the boys have put together a fantastic silent film named Writer’s Block.

Check it out on the Kingston Arts website. It’s a great example of where students can go when they take their interests beyond the classroom.

From Mrs Jacqui Nandan:
“The film making was done outside school time and not for the purposes of school assessment. They entered because of the love of film making that was first ignited by yourself and St James College.“

The next step for these boys is to try to get over to America for the International stage of the festival next year. We wish them luck in their continued creative efforts.

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