Photography Workshop

As part of its patronage of the arts, the Moran Arts Foundation provides photographic workshops to schools around Australia. Established in 2008, the Moran School Photographic Workshop Program is an ideal way to foster creativity amongst school students. The workshop aims to introduce students to a new way of seeing via the art of photography, encouraging individual and collaborative creativity, building self-confidence and is a wonderful school experience. The workshops are run in a fun and creative way, providing an opportunity to develop important social skills and the opportunity to learn from a professional photographer. Students from all year levels where encouraged to apply as limited spaces for available. Congratulations to all of the students who were selected – it was great to see your photographs throughout the day and then on display in the College library.

Many thanks to Ms Inwood for her invaluable support and assistance and to our Moran Arts photographer Nikki. Student photographs from the day have been entered into the Moran Prizes photographic competition and we wish everyone who entered the best of luck.

Christine Blake

Arts Domain Leader

On Thursday 1st June, a class of 28 students were fortunate enough to have a professional photographer named Nicki from Moran Arts Foundation come to teach us some useful photography skills.

During the workshop our day was set out into three parts. In the morning Nicki gave us an introduction to what the Moran Arts Foundation is. She also showed us the way around a camera and what techniques to use when taking a photo.

Before lunch we had the opportunity to go out and take photos to later be printed. After lunch we
were able to print up to five photos and choose one to be framed. Overall the photography
workshop, in my opinion, was a great opportunity to learn some new photography skills.

A big thank you to Nicki, Ms Blake and Ms Inwood for organising the whole day. We all had a great time.

Michael M
Arts Captain

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