Mindfulness Program

The Year 8 Mindfulness program continues in Term 3, with boys selecting between five mindfulness activities.

The mindfulness options are Qi Gong, Yoga, Mindful Art, Boxing and Weight Training.
Mindfulness is increasingly being used in schools as a proven way to help students learn more effectively, enhance their physical and emotional health and deal with stress and study.

One of the Mindfulness streams is Qi Gong (pronounced chi gong). Qi Gong is a traditional Chinese practice that is about is about replenishing Qi (or energy) in our bodies. It involves a series of slow flowing movements, deep breathing exercises and meditation that are designed to cultivate good ‘life energy’. It is a wonderful way to help boys find stillness, relax and find renewal through concentration and rest. It is particularly suited to boys who find stillness meditation difficult.

The Qi Gong is run by our Student Support Teacher, George Vlamakis, who has been practicing Qi Gong for many years, and is currently undertaking Qi Gong teacher training.

We are very fortunate to have in our Year 8 team, staff with a variety of skills and personal practices, able to run such a varied Mindfulness program in the school.

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