'I Can' Network

The Staff of St James College were lucky enough to spend a couple of hours with Chris Varney and Paul Micallef on the first day back this term. Chris and Paul informed the staff about the “I Can Network” and shared some very inspiring and thought-provoking information, to assist the teachers to gain a deeper understanding of Autism Spectrum.

The “I Can Network” sessions continue, with Chris Varney mentoring “James’ Finest”. The first session introduced the group to the focus for this term, which is communication’. The group was involved in some listening and concentration activities and, once again, two of the students had the opportunity to share their stories with us.

There is also an “I Can” Camp, in September, which the group discussed and many are really looking forward to the opportunity to participate in the activities.

Looking ahead at the planned sessions for the remainder of this term, the students involved, have a very interesting and engaging time ahead. We look forward to the continued input of all involved.

Mary Rainsford
Student Services Leader

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