Geography Field Trip

On Tuesday 25 October Year 8 Benilde and Year 8 Miguel went on an exciting trip to Mordialloc beach for our geography field trip, we walked around the local area and explored the Mordialloc creek. We saw how sea walls and creek filters helped stop dirty waters and over flowing waters from damaging and dirtying the place. While walking on the sand, we felt large winds hit us and our books, we even got attacked by the sand and nearly lost our work sheets! When it was recess time, we went under the gazebo and socialised with the teachers and our mates. One of my favourite things we did that day was when we all got to walk on the pier and feel the fresh wind and smell of the ocean. It was so hot, I wish we could of jumped into the water! But I guess we should save that for another day.

Year 8 Benilde

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