City Project

One of the many Wednesday program activities include the city project. The city project is a great way to interact with others and it builds your knowledge on how to catch public transport. It also gives you a chance to get to know your way around the city as it is a vital skill later on in life.

On the first week of city project we stayed at St James college. Mr Riley and Mr Cormick went through all the rules and regulations which helped as to prepare going into the city. We then did a fun activity that Mr Riley made which involved the process of picking out groups, it was like a AFL draft. In our group it consisted of Shane, Benjamin, Mckail, Jack and Cailen. For the rest of the day we got into our groups and had discussions on a topics we are interested in. We had to come up with questions on that topic and form them into a survey. After we had finished with our surveys we presented our surveys to the class. We then got feedback from the teachers on how to improve our surveys. After we made adjustments we printed off 150 of them and kept them safe so we could use them for the city.

On the second week we had to arrive at the city at 9:20am. Our meeting point was at the Atruim. After we all gathered together each group was given a challenge to complete. The challenge included questions asking where popular areas of the city are. For example we were asked to go to Bourke Street and take a photo with a Street performer. Once we had completed the challenge we then had to meet the teachers at an unknown area and show them our answers. After we showed the teachers our answers we were then off to complete our surveys. Throughout the whole day we completed 50 surveys at The State Library. In general the people were very nice and happy to complete our surveys. At 2:20pm we were sent off to Flinders station to catch the train and go home.

Overall the day was extremely fun.

Benjamin and Shane
Year 9

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