Big Night Out

On Tuesday 28th March, nine talented St James students participated in the SIS Big Night Out Concert.

James and Oscar represented St James by playing Johnny Cash's cover of "Hurt". Keiran played trumpet in the SIS Senior Concert Band with other students from Southern Independent Schools, where they performed "Billy Gene" by Michael Jackson and "Celebrate" for the finale. Oscar, Per, Adam, Michael and Rad performed in the SIS Choir. They sang "We Are The Champions" by Queen, "Hot Chocolate" from Polar Express and "Celebrate" for the finale.

Finally, Lachlan danced and Emmanouel tap-danced in the Broadway Jazz to "Seize The Day" from Newsies and "Celebrate" also for the finale.

Ms Urquhart choreographed "Seize The Day" for the performers in Broadway Jazz. Mr Ryan played the piano in the SIS Band and Choir and Ms Blake worked backstage with other teachers.

It was a fantastic experience for everyone to perform and have fun with other schools. We would like to thank the SJC teachers that made all this possible for our school and those that helped during the rehearsal days and the final night.

Lachlan Year 10 and Emmanouel Year 8

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