Arts Sessions 1.0

During Semester 1, the Year 10 Art students explored themes such as Identity, Nature and Pop Culture through researching the historical context of different art movements and forms, particularly in relation to creating two dimensional and three dimensional works. Students worked on their own projects and their learning was primarily self-directed.

The challenge for many of the students extended beyond the questioning of what and how to make their artwork, but more importantly, how they wanted their artwork to be viewed and exhibited. Students have responded to this with both complexity and simplicity, allowing the work to speak for itself.

It is important that the Year 10 students exhibit their work in our new gallery space, providing them with a more in-depth understanding of what it is to display their work(s) to an audience.
The Year 10 Art exhibition opened on Tuesday 20th June and will be on display until the end of the semester.

Special thanks go to Ms Clare Inwood for her role in assisting the Year 10 Art students whilst Ms Kate Brierty is on long-service leave. Ms Inwood's support and knowledge has been invaluable and the success of this exhibition could not have happened without her help.

Christine Blake
Arts Domain Leader


Tuesday 20th June 2017, also featured the Year 10 Drama class presenting an adapted version of Michael Gow’s classic Australia drama “Away”.

The story presents two families who are about to head for the coast to get away, to move on, to change. The show opens with the end-of-year school play, a smashing success. The cars are packed and summer holidays are finally here… But ‘tis not the season to be jolly. Not for these three families.

The Year 10 Drama class have worked hard throughout Term 2 to produce this show. Every aspect of the performance was created by them from set to costume, lighting and sound. A fantastic effort of the time and commitment the young men give to their passion of the arts. Congratulations to the boys on a fantastic performance and thank you to all who attended.

Rachel Urquhart
Drama Teacher

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