The Arts Faculty may as well jump on board with Olympic fever as currently we seem to be kicking some pretty big goals. Mr Pooley says it all due to the new building but the truth of the matter is that we are blessed with exceptionally talented and creative students and incredibly committed staff. Here’s what been happening this term….

Early this term students of St James College were invited to enter the Art Blitz competition, run by the Kingston City Council. The Art Blitz Competition is run over 24 hours, whereby artworks are created according to a theme.

On Friday 5th August the council released the theme, and local artists participating, would have their art work displayed in the Kingston City Art Gallery. The theme of the competition was 'space', this theme gave us a chance to show our artistic ability and understanding of the topic.

On the Saturday sixteen students across all year levels arrived at school to participate in this event. It was quite challenging for some of us especially given the broad concept to the theme.

Some students took the idea of space quite literally out of this world, while minds like Jeremy (Year 8) thought about the way that people needed space, while another Year 8 student Blair made an artwork displaying space of mind. I personally thought of the emotion the space brings, specifically to someone who is alone. In using this idea I choose to go down the photography route.

At the end of the day all students successfully submitted their own ideas, the artworks were then framed and registered at the gallery and it was truly down to the commitment made by Ms Brierty and Ms Blake, that led our students to a successful day.

Kingston Arts Blitz is currently on display at Kingston Arts Gallery, Nepean Hwy, Moorabbin.

Congratulations to James, Year 9 La Salle, for his becoming a finalist in the Black Swan Prize for Portraiture. James is one of seven finalists in his age division.
The 2016 Black Swan Prize for Portraiture Youth Award provides young artists across Australia with an opportunity to showcase their creative talents and to challenge them from an artistic perspective through the complex field of portraiture.

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