Art Club

In term four last year the SJC Art Club started making a mural for the Glen Eira council.

The mural used recycled products and turned them into an artwork. The council supplied us with a big core flute board, which we needed to fill with bottle caps. We started by collecting bottle caps and lids for a few weeks. It was surprising how we gathered so many in such a short amount of time. We then got to work figuring out how to place the bottle caps and where they would go. We spent a few Art Club sessions planning and designing it and then with only two days to go we started to glue the caps on. It is amazing what a box of bottle caps can be made into. The mural was on display in the Carnegie Library with a collection of murals from other schools. This was a really good project to make and everyone enjoyed themselves working together.

Ari Tsoulakos
Arts Leader

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