2017 Lasallian Public Speaking Challenge

The 2017 Lasallian Public Speaking Challenge was held on Wednesday 18th October at De La Salle College in Malvern. This competition has a long tradition, being instituted in honour of Brother Quentin O’Halloran who was in attendance to present the students with their awards. Students from St James College, St Bede’s College and De La Salle College took part in the evening. Congratulations to all the participating students for being the best speakers in their school.

The competition involved two rounds. Firstly, students presented a prepared speech then were given 5 minutes preparation time to present a speech on an unprepared topic.

The focus of Public Speaking is on the effective delivery of the spoken word. Successful public speaking is about making people listen. The focus of the evening was about the ability to persuade and engage an audience.

2017 St James College Lasallian Public Speaking Representatives:
Year 7  Dylan Kotsinadelis
Year 9  Chris Lautenbach
Year 10  Juan Limbo

One winner from each year level is chosen. Congratulations to:
Dylan Kotsinadelis who won the Year 7 Lasallian Public Speaking Competition.

All 3 speakers were proficient in presenting both their prepared and impromptu speeches and are to be congratulated on their efforts and achievements.

Thank you to all the parents and family members who came to support the students.

Thank you also to all the staff who assisted in the preparation of the students’ speeches and in attending the evening.

Maryanne Stefaniw

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