2016 Young Innovators Award

Year 9 La Salle student, Aristidis, has won the 2016 Young Innovators Award from Glen Eira Council. This year’s award was based around sustainability with the challenge to develop an innovative way to reduce water usage.

A new canopy has recently been built above the quadrangle at St. James to improve wet weather outdoor conditions. Ari, had the vision to explore how this canopy could be used to capture water which would then be fed to the nearby student toilet block.
With the support of his Sustainability teacher, Mr Maby, Ari developed a formula to calculate that an anticipated average of 310,000 litres of water would fall on the canopy each year. Surveying 70 students, he calculated how often students use the toilet block near the quadrangle. Accounting for factors such as cubicle use, urinal use, half flush and full flush he calculated that the toilets in the quadrangle use 1200 litres a day or 240,000 litres a year.

Ari’s design is for the water falling on the canopy to be fed into two 5000 litre tanks on the roof of the Lasalle and St James buildings. This would then be gravity fed to the nearby toilet block which he researched was used by 90% of our students.

Ari built a fully costed model of this design, as well as detailing some of the engineering challenges.

He presented his design and model to a panel from Glen Eira Youth Services. He was declared the winner of the 14-18 year old category.

One of the judges, Tanya Marques, shared in her feedback “I am genuinely impressed with the work, effort and innovation that Ari showcased. The concept, design, research and engineering calculations were all of the highest order”.

His Sustainability teacher, Mr Maby, was also praising of Ari’s vision and talent. He is hopeful that this innovative design may be implemented to improve the water saving qualities of our buildings.

Ari’s model and award is proudly on display in the school library.

Congratulations, Ari.

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