We are a Catholic School in the Lasallian tradition

As a Regional Catholic School, St James College welcomes all students living in our surrounding suburbs from our Catholic, Government and Independent primary schools.

St James College is committed to the Lasallian Vision of Education and as such, has close ties with other Lasallian Colleges including De La Salle College, Malvern and St Bede’s College, Mentone.

As a Catholic and Lasallian College we:
  • Instil Gospel values 
  • Foster a spirit of faith and zeal
  • Develop and maintain diverse programs meeting recognised standards of excellence
  • Create and sustain respectful relationships
  • Exercise a preferential option for those in need

Our staff are experienced in how young men learn

We are experienced in the way that young men learn. 

We adapt our teaching and guidance to cater for this.

Our staff are constantly attending Professional Development in this area, so your son’s education will be informed by the latest in educational and developmental research.

The important Middle Years of schooling

St James College is a smaller school. Four homerooms at Years 7 to 10.

As a result, we can focus on your son, helping to ensure his formative years lead to success in senior studies and future pathways.

Cater to individual needs and interests

Not every young man is the same.

Some like hands-on learning. Some young men are physical. Some enjoy a strict academic structure. Some have a creative and artistic mind.

We encourage our young men to have-a-go and attempt new things.

The talents of all young men are valued and catered for.

A culture of mutual respect

A positive relationship with students – knowing the names and interests of our students as a start – is something our staff pride themselves upon.

Through these relationships, we aim to foster a learning environment that encourages a strong work ethic and open questioning.

If something does go wrong, the young men will know what is expected of them. We will guide them to learn from the situation and hopefully not make the same mistake again.

High expectations

Without high expectations of academic, cultural, sporting and social justice pursuits, how can young men achieve highly?

We ask all young men to set Personal Learning Goals for each Semester to give a focus for academic improvement. Improvement, no matter how big or small, is a success for each young man.

Early opportunities for leadership and decision making

Our young men have the opportunity to step up to leadership positions at an earlier time. 

Student Representative Council, Sporting Captains, Cultural leaders and Social Justice leader positions are all available for students in Years 7 to 9.

Important senior roles such as School Captains, Homeroom Mentors and Sporting Captains are earned by Year 10 students – much different to other 7-12 school settings.

Gender equality and respect is important for young men

At St James College, our staff is a 50/50 gender split.

All students will have the opportunity to connect with strong role models - whether they be male or female.

This balance of staff represents society as a whole, preparing the young men for a life outside of school.

Facilities and Information Technology

Your son has the best chance to thrive in our learning community with:
  • A brand new, ultra-modern Visual and Performing Arts Centre 
  • One to One student device program
  • Well-equipped teaching areas
  • Attractive grounds
  • Ongoing partnerships with local community facilities and resources