Year 7 Student iPad Program 2018

Why does the College have an iPad program for students?

The College is keen to support and encourage all students to embrace information technology in the classroom. It is the enhanced classroom teaching and learning opportunities which are the primary focus of the College in operating this program. It is intended to assist students to use high quality technology to extend and develop learning opportunities. The College is pleased to support this technology with a College iPad program.

How does the program work?

The students are required to purchase their own iPad Air at least 32GB plus cover and bring it to school on the first day of term.

Apart from purchasing your iPad online or from retail outlet, in partnership with Church Resources, St James College offers the following iPad packages that can be purchased through portal

  • iPad Air 2 (32 GB) Wi-Fi Space Grey, Gold or Silver $519.44
  • iPad Air 2 (128 GB) Wi-Fi Space Grey, Gold or Silver $652.77
Whilst the College is not making the purchase of a particular case mandatory, nor are you restricted to purchasing the models available on the portals, previous experience has shown that the MaxCase Shield Case has proven to be a robust option for our students.

  • MaxCase Shield Case Black/Black $51.99
Church Resources offer prompt free home delivery with no finance charges on all purchases
Please contact the College on 9575 8100 if you require any further information

What about software, media and apps?

Apart from operating system software and factory installed apps, all students are responsible for the purchase and installation of their own Apps and software on machines, and also responsible for the licensed use of that software and any multimedia files loaded onto the device. The practice of jail breaking (using an unapproved iPad operating system) is expressly forbidden and will immediately invalidate all warranties and insurance. Additional or personal apps and media are to be funded by the student.

What about private use?

In conformity with the ethos of the College and the usual terms of use of computers at the College, it is expected that even in personal use these machines will be governed by the school policy on computer use.

Can the student use the iPad at home as well as at school?

Whilst the flexibility of iPad’s allows their shared use between work and home, it is expected that the machine will always be at the school on school days unless otherwise directed.

What about backing up?

It is strictly the responsibility of the student to ensure their documents and personal data i.e. school work, music, photos, contacts, etc. are backed up, as this is not considered to be the responsibility of the College.

What about iPad security?

Whilst at school, students are expected to take the iPad with them to class or leave the iPad in a school supplied combination locked, locker. If a student wishes to leave his iPad at the College overnight or during holidays, it is a requirement that the machine be left in a secure area as so designated by the College.