My son is in Prep should I apply now?

You can apply to St James College at any time. It is a good idea to have your application submitted by the commencement of Grade 5. However, an early application will not guarantee you a place (see Enrolment Policy and Procedures).

At Year 10 do we have to apply to other Colleges or is it managed through St James College?

Once your son reaches Year 10 at St James College he will be involved in a College managed transition program to our Lasallian Brother Colleges or other Colleges dependent upon your family choice. Entry into these schools is dependent upon his satisfactory performance, particularly in Year 10.

St Bede’s College and De La Salle College hold Information Evenings, College Tours and Careers Expos specifically for St James families to aid in their decision making. Students and Parents are invited to attend these days held throughout Term 2. The enrolment of our Year 10 young men into their school of choice for Years 11 & 12 is closely monitored and supported by our Year 10 Coordinator and Pathways Coordinator.

For more information, see Transition from Year 10.

How many students do you have?

Overall we have approximately 464 students, 116 students ineach year level. The average teaching class size is 21-22 students.

What are your facilities and resources?

St James College provides students with the latest facilities for learning. St James College is an iPad school, with every student and all staff utilising these devices in their classes, and being able to access the internet anytime. All learning areas are air-conditioned, equipped with the latest technology and interactive boards. In addition, St James College has five computer centres, science and media studies buildings and materials technology facilities. The school is proud of its large hall/indoor sports centre and gymnasium, multi-sports all-weather courts and oval.

Building works are now completed for our new Visual and Performing Arts Centre. It provides contemporary educational spaces for our students including: performance theatre, music and drama areas, visual arts spaces, hospitality areas and gallery spaces.

What academic, cultural and sporting activities do you offer?

In addition to the curriculum based activities, St James College is a member of the Southern Independent Schools (SIS) Cultural and Sporting Association. St James College young men continue to achieve significantly at Championship level in the areas of Chess, Debating, Creative Arts and Theatre Sports/Drama Performance.

What types of programs do you have in place for struggling or gifted students?

A unique Student Services Program is offered to students who require additional assistance. Students work on various aspects of literacy and also have the opportunity to focus on some of their other curriculum tasks under the guidance of our Learning Support Officers. Gifted students are encouraged with more challenging work being assigned, with ‘advanced’ subjects offered in Year 9 and VCE subjects offered in Year 10.

As a Catholic school, what is your Pastoral Care Program?

St James College is committed to caring for the spiritual, physical, intellectual and emotional needs of all the young men and takes consideration of their diverse backgrounds. St James College is a school with a strong pastoral care program and a close bond among the young men, their families and college staff. The Homeroom Teachers and Year Level Coordinator work together with the Student Support Teacher/Counsellor to assist all students.