Summer Uniform – Terms 1 & 4

Monogrammed summer shirt (no College tie), long trousers or shorts with college socks, polished black leather lace up shoes. If an outer garment is worn, it will be the College blazer. If it is cooler, the College jumper may be worn underneath the blazer. Only on wet days may the College rain coat be worn, over the blazer. 

Winter Uniform – Terms 2 & 3

 Long grey trousers, grey socks, polished black leather lace-up school shoes, long-sleeved College shirt, College tie and College blazer. The jumper may be worn under the blazer during cooler weather. The blazer is always to be worn when travelling to and from school. Only on wet days may the College rain coat be worn, over the blazer. 

Sports Uniform

The full College Sports Uniform is to be worn to school on Physical Education Days. Sports Uniform may also be worn when representing the College at SIS and Interschool sporting events. The sports uniform consists of:
  • Complete St James Tracksuit
  • St James Polo Shirt. (Singlets are permitted to be worn under the College Sports Polo Shirt).
  • The St James Rugby Top is optional for sports use during cooler weather
  • White socks and correct, appropriate sporting footwear

Uniform Shop

College Uniform can be purchased directly through the supplier, Primary School Wear. Primary School Wear has a retail shop at 15 Mills Street, Cheltenham. For more information regarding Primary School Wear please click here.

For the uniform price list please click here.

Second-hand uniforms and books can be purchased and sold through the Sustainable Bookshop. 

For more information about this service, please visit