Welcome to the St James College website, where you will be able to explore the opportunities and resources that we make available for our young men and our families.

St James College is a Regional Catholic College serving families in our feeder parishes and surrounding suburbs.

The St James College motto ‘Unity in Christ’, offers a challenge to all in the St James College community to work together to achieve our vision: At St James College we engage young men in positive learning relationships which endeavour to meet individual needs and give all young men opportunities for success.

We consider that the motto ‘Unity in Christ’ is a stimulus for all, not only the young men of St James College, but all associated with the College, and all involved in the ‘Human and Christian education’ offered at St James College.

St James College is influenced through the Charism of St John Baptist De La Salle, founder of the De La Salle Brothers who administered the College for more than forty years with the last Brother at the College finishing in 2011. St John Baptist De La Salle, when establishing the Christian Schools some 330 years ago, placed much emphasis on the Human and Christian education of young people. Today, this thought challenges all to apply positive Christian attitudes towards their own worth and interaction with others, while supporting each other in an atmosphere of positive involvement and achievement. Lasallian schools and works are found in over 80 countries around the world and are primarily focussed with the education of young people.

As a Lasallian College, we have a strong association and partnership with our brother Colleges to provide a pathway for our students from Year 7 through to Year 12. This enables our students to enjoy a smaller more personal setting with a focus on Boys’ Education while in the important and formative middle years of their schooling, and then to progress to a larger setting for their senior studies. Our students transition through to Year 11 and 12 well prepared, and enjoy high levels of success in their studies and involvements given the grounding and preparation provided at St James College. 

Having just completed the first stage of constructions and refurbishments through our College Masterplan, we look forward to utilising our new Visual and Performing Arts Centre and the recently completed outdoor spaces and recreational areas. 2018 promises to be another dynamic year for the College with our staff encouraging each young man to do his best in his academic studies, to explore new opportunities, and to participate in the many activities within our new College House system.

This year we have chosen the scripture passage ‘I have called you by name’, Isaiah 43:1, as a theme to encourage us to follow Christ, and through our faith, to be the example for each other.

Throughout 2018, our challenge is to continue to enact our College vision and motto as applicable to all and to all that we do, so that together as a school community, we provide opportunities for success where excellence, integrity and respect are highly valued.

You are welcome to contact us if you require any further information regarding our College. Contact details are located within our website for your convenience.

May God bless all associated with St James College in 2018, with the courage and determination required to achieve our vision.


Stephen Pooley